Four Advanced Liquid-cooled Extruders


Our advanced LilTi-1.75mm Filament extruders are so compact, we can mount four of them in the space usually used up by just two extruders on the average printers. This allows us to print with all four of them without giving up much in the overall build size.

Yet for how tiny they are (just 310g all up!), they have the same torque to drive the filament as the larger, much heavier extruders based on the ubiquitous NEMA-17 stepper motor.

To keep them cool required us to design and build a completely new Liquid Cooling System. The LCS enables our printhead to run at all temperatures in the range necessary to print with the widest range of materials. We can run at 60C (for Paraffin Wax) all the way to 320C (for advanced thermoplastics).

And finally, our extruders use the GentleDrive(tm), which allows us to grab the filament gently, but firmly, and drive it into the Hot End with much better consistency - for better quality print with the widest range of materials possible.