Heated Bed Display

The Heated Bed Display is a secondary processor and display module dedicated to showing the target and actual temperatures of each of the independent Heated Bed Zones.

Bed Zones are numbered 1-16, starting in the lower left corner, and proceeding left-to-right, bottom-to-top. The display mimics how you see the Bed Zones on the Bed when you stand in front of the printer.

In the example above, Bed Zones #3, #4, #7, #8, #11, and #12 are set to heat to 110C. The rest of the Bed Zones are not being heated.

The Zones have reached the following actual temperatures:

  • #3:  109C
  • #4:  108C
  • #7:  109C
  • #8:  109C
  • #11: 108C
  • #12: 110C
Weight: 0.5 lb