Letter To Reporters

April 7, 2016

Dear Reporter,

It’s been two years since we launched our Kickstarter campaign, and we’re now ready to unleash our T-Rex 3D Monstrs to the world.

Our customers have been extrememly patient and supportive, and we are excited to begin delivering the printers so they can begin to Make like they’ve never been able to Make before.

While other companies call their printers prosumer, ours are the first 3D printers that truly blur the line between consumer and large industrial 3D printers. We're broadening the toolset to enable people to access materials and manufacturing techniques they couldn't use before. This is huge!

Print volume: We have three print sizes:

  • T-Rex-12 (12” x 12 x 12” - 1 cubic foot)
  • T-Rex-18 (18” x 18” x 18” - 3.375 cubic feet)
  • T-Rex-24 (24” x 24” x 24” - 8 cubic feet)

Quad extruder: The machines can house up to four independent filament extruders, each with its own temperature control, which means it can print objects using four different materials. Liquid cooling to achieve perfect temperature control throughout each extruder.

GentleDrive(™) extruder drive train technology which allows printing with a huge range of materials (from Polycarbonate to Paraffin wax, and everything in between). MultiZone(™) heated bed technology for energy-efficient bed heating: It was tricky to build, but our customers can now precisely control which areas of the bed get heated to which temperature. With a large print, it can take many hours to build a piece, why waste all that electricity heating the parts of the bed not being used? It’s better for the environment and for our customers’ pocketbooks.

Resolution: Layer resolution is down to 40 microns.

Robust: This printer is made to last. It’s built to become a platform for the many future extruders that we plan to build, so customers can print build objects out of food materials, clay, ceramics, and other materials.

Pricing: We’re offering a just-launched price for the next few weeks. Prices will go up shortly thereafter. Even with the increase, we’ll still offer a lower cost of acquisition than the other printers in our market segment:

  • T-Rex-12 with two filament extruders: $3,599.00
  • T-Rex-18 with two filament extruders: $4,849.00
  • T-Rex-24 with two filament extruders: $6,099.00


Thank you.

Susan Minzter
Director of Maker Relations