MonstrControl Stand Alone Controller

For those customers who can't (or don't want to) dedicate a computer to controlling their T-Rex printer, we offer the MonstrControl stand-alone controller (MC). MonstrControl, as shipped by us, is a RasperryPi 3 computer with a touch-sensitive screen and a camera mounted on the T-Rex printer on a special set of brackets. It runs the community (free) version of the Repetier-Server control software. It is also compatible with the OctoPrint control software (also free). If you select either of these options, we will contribute $10 to the corresponding project.

Without MonstrControl, you must use a computer to control the machine. This works just fine. We recommend Repetier-Host software to control the printer, but MatterControl and Simplify3D software work well also. In this case, all printing is done through the control computer, and there are no additional means to do so.

By adding the MonstrControl option, you get the following additional capabilities:

1. You no longer need a dedicated computer to control the printer, MC does everything you need to control the printer

2. You can control the printer right from the MC, using a stylus on a touch-sensitive screen built into the MC

3. You can connect to the MC from any web browser either via WiFi or via a wired Ethernet interface

4. The MC includes a built-in video camera, which allows live-streaming your print job to any web-enabled device

5. With the Commercial version of Repetier Server, you can also automatically generate downloadable time-lapse videos

Weight: 1 lb



As I understand I am No 18 in the que, how close to production start do I need to decide if I want to order the SAC-option ?

Hi Anders,

You can order one at any time. If you let us know before production -- when we get in touch with you to let you know that you're printer is going into production -- that will give us enough time to have it ready for you. You can also order one after you get your printer if you'd prefer to wait.


Hello Susan, I am number 33 in the production que and am waiting patiently. Like many others I'm sure, I would like to begin using the printer but it keeps changing and developing. Will it finally arrive at a state that serious production will begin? A state, while not perfect , is satsfactory to begin? Changes and upgrades always happen but that is dynamic. I woud like to have some kind of assurance that this is more than fancy and that I can expect a printer

sometime soon.


Robert Cunningham