For The Press

Hello Reporter,

Thank you for visiting our press page. You'll find a lot of information about our 3DMonstr family of 3D printers here, plus you can browse through our site to find out more information.

You can always reach out to us with questions or to to schedule a meeting, and we'll be glad help you get your hands on whatever details you need about 3DMonstr that would appeal to your readers to help personalize the details of the story you plan to write.

You can schedule a phone or Skype call, or if you're nearby, a personal meeting, with Ben Reytblat, Founder and CEO. Ben is technically sharp, knowledgeable, and an overall helpful and friendly guy. As someone who is invited to speak at 3D printing industry roundtables, he can give you more specifics about the printer as well as give you interesting insights into the 3D printing industry.