3DMonstr Super-Rex Is An Apex Monster Of A 3D Printer

You Can Print HUGE And With Multiple Materials

We want to enable you to 3D print things you have never been able to print before, so imagination can soar and you can create. Our goal is to enable you to print large, complex objects in multiple materials with precision and enough speed to be practical.

Customers have been asking for larger printers ever since we came out with our 8.0 and 3.4 cubic feet T-Rex printers. The requests started immediately, and we were surprised. Our largest T-Rex printer has a build area of 8 cu.feet. We thought that was huge! We now know what huge really is. We kept many of the same coveted features included in our T-Rex printers: up to four filament extruders with a water-cooled hot end for consistent thermal control; the unique heated bed with multiple individually controlled segments; the MonstrControl stand-alone controller (MC), automated bed leveling; and their wide range of printable materials. You can’t beat the combination of price and what this machine can do for you. As a smaller business, we know what it’s like when we can’t afford the tools the larger companies can. It remains our goal to help the smaller guys be able to take part in what this wonderful technology has to offer. And for the bigger guys, now they can afford two or three instead of one!

Quick Specs Summary
Entire Family of 3D Monstr Super-Rex 3D Printers
Architecture Z-moving CoreXY Box
# Extruders 4, using an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)
Body Large 80mm x 80mm extrusions
Best Print Layer Resolution 75 micron
Top Print Speed 135 mm/s
Heated Bed Yes. Includes 12, 8, or 4 independently controllable zones (400w each).
Extruder Cooling System Liquid Cooling
Bed Leveling & Compensation Auto Bed Leveling & Auto Bed Distortion Compensation
Build Volume
  Super-Rex-393 Super-Rex-363 Super-Rex-333
Meters (X x Y x Z) 1m x 3m x 1m 1m x 2m x 1m 1m x 1m x 1m
Cubic Meters 3 m3 2 m3 1 m3
Cubic Feet 105.9 ft3 70.6 ft3 35.3 ft3

Industrial and Enormous

  • Size: With three build sizes, 3, 2, and 1 cubic meters, the Super-Rex 3D printers are as big as or bigger than considerably more expensive comparable machines: 
    • Super-Rex-393: 3 cubic meters (105 cu. ft.) build volume
    • Super-Rex-363: 2 cubic meters ( 70 cu. ft.) build volume
    • Super-Rex-333: 1 cubic meter ( 35 cu. ft.) build volume
  • Full Ventilated Enclosure: To scale to the larger size for the Super-Rex, 3DMonstr moved to a fully enclosed, box style architecture. The enclosure will include cooling and temperature control and easy access to all sides of the printer.
  • Rigid: Constructed of oversized aluminum extrusions joined with steel plates and oversized fasteners and tied into a unitary structure by high-tension aluminum panels, the Super-Rex machines have ample rigidity to provide excellent precision over enormous distances.


  • Four filament extruders: Our 3DMonstr Super-Rex printers houses four filament extruders that are independently heated and water-cooled to achieve perfect temperature control throughout. The GentleDrive(™) extruder drive train technology allows printing with a huge range of materials (from Polycarbonate to Paraffin wax, and everything in between)

    The Titan-Filament (Ti-Fi) extruder is an original design with a compact x-y footprint. It is derived from our LittleTitan-Filament (LilTi for short) extruders, but up-rated for 3mm filament. Just as its little sibling, the LilTi extruder, the larger Titan-Filament extruder contain Titanium parts for lighter weight and precise thermal control.

    By default, Super-Rex printers are configured with four extruders. This enables makers to add support material, add additional colors, or additional materials. Each extruder can be outfitted with nozzles of different sizes.

  • Water cooled: Up to four extruders that are independently heated and water-cooled to achieve perfect temperature control throughout. The GentleDrive(™) extruder drive train technology allows printing with a huge range of materials (from Polycarbonate to Paraffin wax, and everything in between)
  • Nozzle sizes: .3 - 1.5 mm
  • Wide range of materials: Currently, we can print PLA, ABS, HIPS, PVA, Nylon, PET, NinjaFlex, and Paraffin Wax. And now that we have a strong, powerful foundational structure, our future plans include continuing to build our line of extrudinary (OK, we had to get that in at least once!) extruders, expanding the practical applications of 3D printers, and allowing you to print the full range of plastics, soft pastes, and food products.

    Printing soft pastes like paraffin wax, clay and silicon rubber, allows the creation of comfortable shoes and plugs for lost paraffin wax casting.

  • Automatic Tool Changer (ATC): ATC mounts one extruder at a time on the X-axis motion plate. This mechanism is far lighter than mounting all four extruders on the X-axis motion plate - which allows the machine to print faster in comparison. It also completely solves the two major challenges inherent in multi-extruder machines:
    • Extruder Interference, when an extruder is either dribbling material into the print area or when it runs into the print when it is inactive. With an ATC, only one extruder, the currently printing one, is over the print at any one time, while the rest of the extruders are in “hot stand-by” mode in a parking area.
    • Extruder Offset Measurement, required to print multiple materials into a single print, is done manually on - an error prone process that requires a lot of effort to get right. With Automatic Extruder Measurement, the machine automatically takes care of it measuring the X, Y, and Z offsets of every extruder and stores them in memory for use during printing.


  • MonstrControl: Super-Rex printer comes equipped the MonstrControl stand-alone controller (MC). MonstrControl, as shipped by us, is a RasperryPi 3 computer with an 11" touch-sensitive screen and a camera mounted on the Super-Rex printer on a special set of brackets. It runs the Pro ($100 value) version of the Repetier-Server control software. It is also compatible with the OctoPrint control software.

    If the customer doesn't want to use MonstrControl, a separate control computer can be connected directly to the machine via USB. We recommend Repetier-Host software to control the printer, but MatterControl and Simplify3D software work well also. In this case, all printing is done through the control computer, and there are no additional means to do so.

    With the MonstrControl, you get the following additional capabilities:

    • You no longer need a dedicated computer to control the printer, MC does everything you need to control the printer
    • You can control the printer right from the MC, using a stylus on a touch-sensitive screen built into the MC
    • You can connect to the MC from any web browser either via WiFi or via a wired Ethernet interface
    • The MC includes a built-in video camera, which allows live-streaming your print job to any web-enabled device
    • With the Commercial version of Repetier Server, you can also automatically generate downloadable time-lapse videos
    • Multizone(™) Heated Bed Technology for energy-efficient bed heating: Our Multizone(™) Heated Bed is a marvel of engineering. It is a complex module consisting of several layers (in top to bottom layers):
      • Aluminum printing surface
      • Individual 500 x 500mm 400W silicone heating pads, one per Heat Zone (4 per cubic meter, so 4, 8, and 12 for the 3 different models)
      • Large thermal insulation plate to trap most of the heat moving downward from the Heat Zones
      • Electronics and cabling layer (Heater Distribution boards, junction connectors, cables, etc.) that distribute and control the power and sensor signals among the Heat Zones
      • Second insulation plate, to cover the Heated Bed Module from below for safety
      • Automatic Bed Leveling and Distortion Compensation:The print bed on the Super-Rex printers is mechanically attached to the frame, making it very stable and resistant to quality-reducing vibrations. However, since it’s not adjustable, it become critical to measure the bed height across the entire surface very precisely. The Automatic Bed Leveling and Distortion Compensation mechanism uses a very sensitive and precise Z-Probe sensor to measure the height of the bed with respect to the X-axis motion plate. This information is then stored in controller memory and is used by the controller firmware to automatically adjust the height of the extruder over the surface of the bed during the print.
      • Automatic Extruder Measurement: Super-Rex will be using an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) to manage the multiple extruders, just like large industrial CNC machines. This means you get the benefit of multiple extruders, without intruding on the build volume at all. And since each extruder is individually measured for X, Y, and Z offsets, all multi-extruder settings are completely automated. Forget about all the manual fiddling you have to do with other machines - this is a real breakthrough in making powerful multi-extruder machines easy to use!
      • Filament End Protection: A switch is located in every filament feed module which will signal “end of filament” approximately a minute before the filament actually runs out. This gives the user the time to re-load the filament. In a future software upgrade, we’ll add the capability to switch over from one extruder to another upon detecting that the filament is about to run out.

      More Information

      If in addition to our Super-Rex printers, you’re also interested in our T-Rex printers, you can find out more information here. Or, you can email or call us at 609-275-3660