The T-Rex-18 is our mid-range model. At 18 inches (over 450 mm) on each side, the build platform provides 3.375 cubic feet (over 95,000 cubic cm) for making your designs.

The T-Rex-18 is configured with a minimum of two of our LittleTitan-1.75mm-Filament extruders. You can mount up to 2 more, for a total of industry-shattering 4 extruders. You can purchase additional Extruders and also see our other products in the Store.

Here are some pages with additional information:

Please select the number of extruders for your machine
Full payment balance due on 03/20/2018
SKU: TREX-18-2
Dimensions: 26 in × 30 in × 31 in
Weight: 115 lb